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Story of the Partnership

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Both Misionero Vegetables and Seminis Vegetable Seeds are committed producing new and exciting products that taste great and contain a high nutritional value, while also offering complete convenience to the consumer.

Lettuce Jammers™ were pioneered by researchers at Seminis through the techniques of traditional plant breeding, selecting the best qualities of Romaine and Iceberg lettuces, creating the “Cosmopolitan Lettuce” which is the all natural Lettuce Jammer, the first and only of its kind! It then becomes the task of Misionero to cultivate, pack and ship Lettuce Jammers™ to all retail and food service outlets. Misionero was selected by Seminis to produce Lettuce Jammers™ because of their high quality business standards with specialty agricultural products.

Lettuce Jammers™ promises to be the first successful business venture between Misionero and Seminis as they continue to share in an excellent working partnership that enables them to introduce healthy and fresh agricultural products to the marketplace.

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