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Family Farm Story

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Behind every successful business is a story, and a team of dedicated, hard working employees with genuine concerns for their customers. At Misionero, three key employees happen to be related. Together, they operate one of the most successful family farms in business today. Floyd Griffin founded the iceberg lettuce harvesting company in 1973 after careful consideration of the company name, wanting it to accurately reflect his personal business values. His home ranch was in relatively close proximity to four historic California Missions. Inspired by the Missions and what they represent: adventure, challenge and discovery, Floyd christened his company “Mission Packing.” In 1993, when Mission Packing began to expand into a conventional grower of iceberg lettuce, leaf lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower and pomegranates with an organically grown product line, “Earth Greens”, the name was changed to Misionero Vegetables, holding true to Salinas Valley heritage and Floyd’s personal ideals. In 1999 Misionero introduced a line of minimally processed leaf lettuces under the “Garden Cuts” name. “Garden Cuts” are specially designed by Misionero to take the work and wasted time out of preparing vegetables, leaving the consumer time and resources to create healthy, tasty dishes.

Lettuce Field

Currently, Stephen Griffin, son of Floyd is President of Misionero, while Anthony Griffin, also Floyd’s son, is Director of Organic Farming and Harvesting. The Griffin Family believes in treating their employees with respect, minimizing their impact on the earth as they raise their crops and by managing their business by always choosing quality over quantity. In fact, Misionero’s management team has been with the company for an average of over 12 years. Misionero’s company values have shaped company protocol and set business standards that the company will continue to operate under in to the future.

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